Himmelberg Nature Retreat


Himmelberg is a cluster of 4 independent - Luxury One bedroom Cottages (Villas) with an individual balcony with seating area, dressing room and a bathroom which offers a vista of beautiful forest and mountains.

Himmelberg eco friendly cottages

Munnar being an Eco Fragile Land area we have paid utmost care and precaution in our mode of construction and preservation of our cottages.

  1. We have given special attention NOT TO tamper the terrain by leveling, digging or cutting trenches for foundations.
  2. The cottages are prefabricated and fixed on strong steel structure.
  3. No concrete work is done for foundation or floor work.
  4. The natural earth level is retained untampered and convenient steps are provided for pathways.
  5. All forest trees are preserved without felling, cutting or trimming.
  6. Many new trees have been planted all over the land in our premises.
  7. We are situated at a beautiful village called Anachal which is 15 km from Munnar

You can find only in Himmelberg

Hangout in the resort will render a comfortable feeling of living in shadowy woods in close contact with natural surrounding..

Vicinity of misty mountain and beautiful forest all around is an added advantage to your comfortable stay.

Chirping birds of varied diversity flying criss cross is an additional attraction of the locality.

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